Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's T.R. Miller Time!

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's T.R. Miller Time!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's T.R. Miller Time!

ZINE REVIEW: Think Tank DIY #1 & #2

Reggie Martinez (Punch Drunk Press)

Brevity is the soul of wit, said some guy one time, and Shakespeare was right. Brevity also makes for easy-to-read zines like Reggie Martinez’s Think Tank DIY. In these few pages of issues one and two, Reggie offers up his ideas for a number of movie, cookbook, novel and restaurant projects. He offers them all for free and wishes anyone well should they try to turn one of them into a profitable business venture. Reggie asks for nothing in return, not even credit for the idea. That said, many of these ideas would be impossible to pull off, or at the very least, not worth the time and money necessary in the attempt. A 24/7 doughnut delivery shop called Dough Not Leave the House (plausible) an Angry Birds parody titled Angry Nerds (I can see it) a parody artist called Natalie Merchant of Venice, who sings lines from Shakespeare (see above) to the tune of 10,000 Maniacs songs (pretty narrow demographic, but sure), these all could be accomplished, but at what cost in human suffering? Anyway, you get the idea about Reggie's ideas. The best idea he's had so far may be this zine about his cockamamie ideas. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

BUY: Zinester Trading Cards

Hey Zine Fans, 

Zinester trading cards from Billy da Bunny are here! You may know Billy from his zine (Proof I Exist) or from his old distro (Loop Distro) but perhaps you weren't aware of his more recent Zinester Trading Card project. Series 2 is now available through Billy's Etsy site and they're only three lousy bucks per set. 

FYI: yours truly has his own card in the new series, so if that isn't an added bonus, I'm not sure what is?

Friday, October 23, 2015

COMICS REVIEW: My Life In Records Chapters 3 & 4

Chapters 3 & 4 By Grant Thomas
My Life in Records is a comic book series created by Grant Thomas. The book details Grant’s personal history with music — his life in records. The comic is formatted in imitation of mini LP and 45 covers and Grant has thus far released four records, or chapters.

In Chapter Three, Grant recounts his childhood Star Wars fixation (movies, action figures, soundtrack, etc.) as well as memories of his grandfather's reel-to-reel player. Chapter Four is Grant's memory of getting an alarm clock radio as a boy and trying out the classical music station before settling on the Christian spot on the dial. He shares his memories of Sunday school lessons where the teacher shows his class videos about the dangers of listening to rock music — Satanic at worst and anti-Christian at the very least. While Grant is intrigued by the music discussed in class he decides to stick to his Christian station. Perhaps he remains a devotee of Christian rock on through adulthood and remains as such today. Maybe his world expanded to included other genres at some point. To find out we'll just have to wait until he throws another record on the comics turntableChris Auman

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

COOKBOOK REVIEW: Hot Damn and Hell Yeah

Recipes for Hungry Banditos: Vegan Tex-Mex & Southern Eats
Ryan Splint (Microcosm)

When Ryan Splint moved to the Land Down Under, or as they call it in the American South, the Land Down Yonder, he soon found himself missing the Tex Mex cuisine of his youth. His Aussie friends encouraged him to write a cookbook chock full of vegan versions of these Southern staples. And so he did. Hot Damn and Hell Yeah is the 10th Anniversary expanded edition of that effort. It contains all sorts of delicious recipes made 100% free of animal products. From "corndawgs" to "chili con non-carne," ya'll vegan doggies can cook up these vittles yourselves on prairies, patches, vegetable ranches or around any campfire you find yourself in front of.

The recipes are purposefully straightforward and easy to concoct. While a vegan diet is certainly healthy (if done correctly), this book does not aspire to be a healthy cookbook per se. The focus is on taste first and foremost. These recipes sure do look pretty goldang good and the ingredients should be easy to rustle up at your local, healthy, more whole foodier storesChris Auman

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hey Kids! It's official: Reglar Wiglar #23 has been prepped and is ready to be sent to your door. In this issue, I continue my long employment woes in "The Book of Jobs Part 2." Also: "The History of Music," "Forgotten American Music Masters,"  another edition of "Hungover Poetry," and more Donald Trump's record reviews, including Trump Versus Justin Bieber and Iggy Azalea. Also: much, much more (but not that much more). Buy ten copies today!

Friday, August 07, 2015

COMICS REVIEW: Snake Pit Gets Old

Diary Comics from 2010-2012 
Ben Snakepit (Microcosm)

Snakepit gets old, I get old, we all get old. I enjoy diary comics. From Jesse Reklaw’s 10,000 Things to Do to James Kochalka's American Elf and The Sketchbook Diaries. Can reading them get a little mundane after awhile? Sure. Can life? You bet, but the act of reading them (and creating them as well, no doubt) becomes a ritual. Life ain’t all cheesecake and raspberry smoothies, at least in my experience. I keep a journal myself. Been doing it for about five years. It reads much like this comic. There are plenty of fun nights and hungover days. There are hours filled with sucky work, but there are small victories and funny stuff in there too. Ben thinks he can’t draw. So what? Not the point. I enjoyed reading this compilation of daily strips and I liked seeing what song he listened to on a given day. Don’t always agree with his opinion of movies and he’s dead wrong about Hunter S. Thompson, but he's right about Hose Got CableChris Auman